Tactics that you should use in off track betting

The first tactic that you should use in off track betting is to follow the tiers. When you are handicapping, this is a very important concept which you should use. There are tiers which are color coded where the racing horses are grouped. The color of the tier is usually the background color of the horse’s number. You should examine the horses to know the chances of wining the race. The ranking within a specific tier starts from the best to the worst horse. The capability of the horses within a specific tier is almost the same and it is difficult to select the best horse.

You should be very careful when you are selecting the races to wager on. You should know that when you are betting, it takes money to make more money. While you want to bet at OTB, you should be ready to commit money for wagering. As a bettor, you should be mentally prepared that your chances of winning are almost the same as your chances of losing. If you do not want to place large amounts of bets, you should go for the simpler off tracking betting. When you want to place large amount of bets, you can go for the exotic wagers.

Another important tactic for OTB is that you should consider the workouts. If you want to gauge the capability of a specific horse, you should consider its workouts. When you are checking at the ability of a specific horse, you should check its past performance record. If you get two horses with similar past performance, you should check the one with the best current work out.

You should know that you cannot find a horse that is both good on races being held at grass and also on the track. Mainly horses are either good track horses or good turf horses. The breeding of the horse greatly affects its performance. A horse that has been working out on turf will find it hard to adapt when racing on track. The condition of the track will affect the performance of a horse while racing. You will find that there are horses which perform well on a wet track while other will have good performance while on a dry track. Before placing a bet, you should check on the performance of a specific horse both on a wet track and on a dry track. This will be an effective tactic that will help you make a good bet.