Tips on off track betting

The main challenge that you can face when you are involved in off track betting is the ability to use effective strategies. You should strategize and come up with a concrete decision on the amount you want to bet on, what you want to bet for and finally the type of bet you want. Here are some of the tips that you can use to help you win in OTB

Before you place a bet, there are several important factors which you should consider. Some of the factors which you should consider include; medication, class, breeding, condition, pace, equipment changes, weight, trip and finally trainers and jockeys. Consideration of these factors will help you to win in off track betting. Medication is an important factor that you should consider because some handicappers believe that there are medications which enhances the performance. Maybe this can be a tip that can work for you. Race horses are administered with medications such as lasix and butazolidin. Lasix is used to control bleeding while butazolidin is an anti inflammatory.

An important tip that can help you is when you consider breeding before wagering. Breeding can increase your chances of winning at the race. You will find that there are horses which are bred for racing on grass, others are bred with increased speed and other increase there speed while on long distant races. Condition is an important factor that you should master even though it proves to be difficult to many bettors. The condition of the horse is very important as it will affect the performance. It is important that before a race a horse should be thoroughly prepared. Preparation requires your horse to have a steady schedule of workouts which will enable it to be physically fit.

The pace of your horse is a very important aspect into winning. An important tip that you should know is that a horse that starts of the race very fast will get tired before finishing the race. A horse that starts with a slow pace then increases speed later in the race improves the chances of winning. You can either choose a fast pace horse or a slow pace one. The probability of the slow paced horse winning is high because it will have some energy left at the last minutes of the race. It is important that before racing, you should view all the horses in the paddock. This will give you a clear picture of the horses that you will be racing with.