Handicapping Tips To Help you Win in your OTB bids

All gamers in any sport have some slumps that hinder them from performing as they should. Horse racers are no different; they have some weaknesses that contribute to their wrong bids. Here are some great ideas that will help wagers break their slumps in OTB bids.

If you have been losing continuously in your bids, it is advisable that you change your venue of betting. You can either try another horse racing site; or you can move to another track in the same site. The latter is the most convenient as you will not have to worry about opening a new account and familiarizing with policies of a new site. Most online sites deal with bets from different zones. If you were wagering on east track, you can move on to another venue like western or southern tracks. The change of scenery will give you another opportunity to scrutinize and identify winners afresh.

Take a look at the winnings you have ever had in the past. Scrutinize the minor details that you put in consideration for you to win. Sometimes wagers tend to ignore minor details that might help you win. Revising the factors you had put into consideration when you emerged victorious in the past can help you break your slumps in OTB easily. The revision can help you recognize some trivial factors you could be assuming.

Another way to break your slumps is to wager little money at a go. If you are a losing steak, keep wagering little cash at a go until you resume a winning streak. You should allocate a maximum of $4 per bet.

Conduct a lot of research on races to be held. Some sites do have plethora of information regarding an upcoming race. Reading through this information can help choose a horse that can guarantee you victory. Whether you are wagering on a simulcast program or a online program, a good research will help you emerge victorious.

Make a habit of skipping some races to allow you adequate time to learn about the upcoming games. You can get games placed at a difference of 20 minutes. This time is not enough to find out adequate information regarding these games. You can take two races daily and maximize your research on these games. You will have adequate time to go through the past performance of each horse and its recent performance.

The final option is changing the kind of betting you have been doing. There are different kinds of wagering you can participate in OTB. Just choose another wagering option if your regular bead has just helping you in losing.